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Meet our nurse practitioner and skincare expert

Megan Ahmed, NP-C

Megan Ahmed MSN, NP-C  Nurse Practitioner & Founder

I was born and raised in Midwest, in the era of tanning beds and that not-so-natural-winter’s-tan. Every year when the sun faded and the temperature dropped teenagers rushed to purchased their monthly tanning packages. All of my friends had beautiful olive skin that tanned so easily, they had that “healthy glow” as I used to think. As a blue eyed, fair-skinned girl I wanted nothing more than to be tan. So I lined up with the best of them, bought my month, and proceeded to bake.

Fast forward several years, and thousands of sun induced freckles and discoloration later I am now in my early twenties receiving my first full body skin check by my dermatologist. The words sun damage, increased risk for melanoma, and botox will forever resonate in me. I was young, I thought I looked good, yet standing in that office I felt ashamed of my past, and overall unattractive.

Desert Sage was created based on the foundation of new beginnings – and that healthy skin practices can be achieved regardless of one’s past. As a board-certified Nurse Practitioner, I enjoy helping patients look and feel their best! I work with my patients to create a personalized plan that may incorporate both medical and aesthetic techniques to improve the health of their skin, and overall confidence.